Pink Fluorite Pebble


Pink Fluorite Pebble

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Pink Fluorite is from Mexico and has a strong focus on the heart and to a point the third eye as well. It is a crystal of forgiveness, for both oneself and others. It gently brings pent up resentment and anger to the surface to be dealt with in a loving and positively transformational way. Pink Fluorite helps one to remove self imposed blocks in addition to boosting confidence and self esteem.

On a the physical level, and particually when used in elixir form – Pink – Magenta Fluorite regenerates heart tissue, balances the hormones and relieves osteoporosis. Pink Fluorite is an effective pain reliever when used as a salve in elixir form, or even using the physical crystal upon the effected area.

Although this crystal is not flat it is however a nice stone to hold and therefore I have made it a palmstone.


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