Botswanna Agate
To help addictions


Agate is a lovely crystal with many colours and shapes and types of Agate.  This page is all about just the ordinary crystal classified as Agate which is quartz laid down in layers which makes this stone so stable and grounding, and can bring about emotional, physical and intellectual balancing.  It is a soothing and calming stone that works slowly with multiple layers to make situations easier to cope with. 

This is a useful crystal when trying to balance a situation as it has the power to harmonize the yin and yang which is the positive and negative forces of the world.  It can bring strength and hidden information when used in meditation.

Emotionally this crystal can overcome negativity which may help when healing inner anger and provide help during any kind of emotional trauma.  It may help you to raise your awareness of spiritual and consciousness of the oneness of life.

Its healing powers may stabilise the “aura”, transforming negativity to positive situations, cleanse the lymphatic system and strengthens blood vessels.

There are also many other types of Agate such as:-

  • Tree Agate – great for dealing with problems that have layers so each branch of the tree can lend a helping hand.  You can see the soft light branches within the stone ready to encourage quiet contemplation for working out those problems.
  • Moss Agate – great anti inflammatory stone and is often used in birthing with midwives as it calms down the mother and helps her accept the birthing process.  It is a stone strongly connected with nature and is a great stone for farmers and other earth workers.  
  • Botswanna Agate – this stone helps to assist anyone trying to give up an addiction, for instance smoking can be helped by rubbing the stone when you have a craving so that it takes your mind off things.


Powerful Filter

This is a blue green stone that is opalescent with veins that are usually white.  It can be found in the United State, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Namibia and Austria.

Amazonite can act as a filter between electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress.  It is said to absorb microwaves and cell phone emanations when placed close to the electric parts.

It may heal the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication between yourself and others.  It may be beneficial for people with osteoporosis and tooth decay because it can help to absorb calcium and balance any deficiencies.  If you make into elixir’s it is best to use the indirect method.


Powerful and protective stone

Amethyst has become extremely popular over the years and healers just love the crystal.  It is a powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibrations.  The colour purple has always been a spiritual colour and is often worn by healers and mystic readers alike.  It can guard against psychic attack by transmuting the energy into love.

When placed in a room it can aide making negativity into a positive vibe and will naturally make the atmosphere a more positive feeling.  It was worn traditionally to prevent drunkenness, however these days people wear it for its other properties like dispelling anger, rage and fear and its psychic protection.

Amethyst boosts and cleans the immune system when worn as jewellery, and points make excellent healing tools both for the body or the earth.

Do remember however that when cleansing this crystal in the sunlight it will fade.  


A conductor of energy

Apophyllite is a great conductor of energy due to the amount of water hidden inside the points.  As a room stone it can help to lift the energy plus it looks great.  This stone can help you to reflect from inside what is happening and why as it is a stone of truth.

Although this stone is alive and vibrant in the room for a person it may help to restore peace and calmness and therefore reducing stress and mentally can help to unblock imbalance and flaws from within the person.

It is regarded as an excellent stone for Reiki healers as it can help the patient into a deeper state of relaxation, making for a purer transmission of healing energy.

Some of the stones can look spectacular and amazingly enough can be found in Britain as well as Australia, India, Brazil, Czech Republic and Italy.

Aqua Aura



Stone of courage

Aquamarine is a lovely crystal to work with and can come in many different qualities.  The gemstone on the left is a medium grade large roomstone and has patterns not always seen in the gem quality in jewellery.  It is found in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, India, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Because of the troubles within our world at the moment this crystal is becoming more and more expensive because it is often found in war zones.  However if some of the soldiers find it then it may give them courage.  It is a calming stone that can reduce stress and quieten the mind.  Sailors in the past used it as a talisman against drowning and they said it counteracted the dark forces and any spirits within.

The stone is said to be able to calm the mind and filter information from reaching the brain which some say sharpens the intellect.  Spiritually it can help to sharpen intuition and open clairvoyance, making it a wonderful crystal to meditate with, bringing spiritual awareness.

It is said that aquamarine is useful for sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems.  Calms overreactions of the immune system and autoimmune diseases such as hay fever.


Reliable earth healer

Aragonite comes from Namibia, Spain and Britain.  It is a very grounding stone and therefore makes an earth healer that is attuned to the Earth Goddess.  This is also a good stone for geopathic stress and if you find a blocked lay line it can help to clear it.

Just as for the ground it can help people to de-stress themselves, just by holding it in your hands you should be able to feel the tension leaving your body as it stabilises the bottom chakra.

If you wish to be regressed back into the past then stone is for you as it will help you to explore the past gently and calmly.  It may help you to relinquish anger and concentrate on things that matter to you at the present moment.

It can warm the extremities by bringing through the energy at the base chakra.  Helping you to treat Raynaud’s Disease whilst absorbing calcium into the bones.  It can strengthen the immune system and ground a floaty person.


Peach Aventurine
A stone of prosperity

Aventurine is a positive stone of prosperity with a strong connection to the devic kingdom.  It is said that by wearing it next to the skin it can protect you from electrical goods.  Peach is just one of many colours for aventurine and this has a positive effect on the body.

This stone can calm situations and promote a feeling of well-being.  It can benefit the thymus gland and nervous system whilst balancing blood pressure and metabolism. It can have an anti-inflammatory effect especially on skin eruptions and allergies when used as an elixir.



Stone of courage

Beryl is not known widely anymore as it seems to be a stone we have forgotten over the years.  Golden Beryl used to be the main one but now there are many more colours and names that originate from Beryl. This is a teacher stone that teaches how to do what is necessary and nothing more.  It comes in pink, golden, yellow, green, white and blue.

It represents purity and stress reducing and may help you to realise your potential. It facilitates the opening of the crown and solar plexus chakras.

This a stone for dealing with a stressful life and shedding unnecessary baggage. So if you feel the need to de-clutter this is the stone for you.  Beryl helps you to reach your potential and is often used as a scrying stone in the shape of a disc in Golden Beryl.  It activates the crown and solar plexus chakras and can enhance courage and at the same time calming the mind.

For healing Beryl aids the organs of elimination but can also strengthen pulmonary and circulatory systems.  Beryl is quite a sedative stone and can be used for throat infections as an elixir.

Specific colours have their own properties for instance pink also known as Morganite attracts love and maintains it.  This is a lovely stone made of soft pinks and helps to calm a stressed life and can benefit the nervous system.

The colours of pink are Morganite and Bixbite, the blue is Aquamarine and all the other colours tend to be classed as just Beryl or Chrysoberyl which is a yellow colour.  The golden colour is said to good for scrying and ritual magic.  This stone may help the organs of elimination and can strengthen the lungs and heart.  Most of all this stone can help sedate a patient and as an elixir it can be used to treat throat infections.


Excellent blood cleanser

Bloodstone is just that, all about the blood.  It is believed that it has mystical qualities but it said that it cleanses and balances the blood, making this crystal a very powerful healer.  Because of its grounding abilities it makes this stone ideal for bringing you into the present day with the hear and now.  The known sources of bloodstone are Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Russia and India.

Psychologically it may teach you how to avoid dangerous situations, mentally it can calm the mind and can even revitalise if you are mentally exhausted.  It comes from Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Russia and India.  It has wonderful different colours of greens and very often dark green but always with red spots.

As a healing stone it can aide you in stimulating the flow of the lymphatic system, and re-energise when your body and mind are exhausted.  It is helpful in cases of leukaemia as it removes the toxins whilst still supporting the blood.  Bloodstone as its name suggests, helps to cleanse the blood but it is also a powerful healer.  It can heighten the intuition and increase creativity.  It can also act as a grounding stone which is protective at the same time.

Bloodstone makes a good teacher in how to avoid dangerous situations by being flexible and withdrawing from situations that are maybe harmful to you.   This stone may also help the impatient person to adjust with calmness and grounding to the present time..  Using bloodstone for healing can help with energy, lymphatic flow and exhaustion.  As it aims to help your blood it is able to support during the removal of toxins from within your body, but use it carefully.  Wearing continually can help to keep you healthy but when placed over the thymus will boost the immune system.


Orange Calcite
To help the bones and teeth

Calcite comes in many colours most of which are pastel shade like orange, green, blue, clear. gold, pink and there are two darker colours of red and black.   It comes from many places around the world as well as Britain of which the main deposit of calcite was in Shropshire.

It is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.  Keeping a piece in a room will help to clear any negative energy.  There are many colours of calcite and here are just a few.

Orange is great for the lower chakras, it can balance the emotions and remove fear helping you to overcome depression.  It is a highly energising stone for the lower chakras and helps to heal the reproductive system and intestinal disorders whilst removing mucus from the system.

Black is a record keeper stone for regression memories so that the past can be released.  It returns the soul to the body after trauma or stress and is a useful companion during a dark night for the soul.

Blue is a gentle stone for recovery and relaxation.  It can gently sooth the nerves and dissolve pain.  When used on the throat it can aid communication.

Clear calcite is quite rare and is classed as a “cure all” when used as an elixir.  Physically it can be used as an antiseptic and can bring the gift of deep soul healing.  If a piece carries rainbows within it it said to bring about major change as then it is a stone of new beginnings.

Gold is an excellent meditation tool and an aid to attuning to higher mental planes when placed on the navel or crown chakra.

Green is a mental healer and it is said to dissolve rigid beliefs.  It is a powerful stimulator for the immune system and can work well in grids around the body.

Pink also known as Mangano calcite is a crystal that comes form the heart and is in contact with the angelic realm.  It can help with nightmares and is a great aid for anyone that has gone through trauma.  When making an elixir with this stone it is said that it can be used as a rescue remedy.

Red increases your energy and uplifts your emotions as it lifts your heart chakra.  It can remove stagnant energy and resonates to the base chakra.

Yellow is a great eliminator and best used as an elixir.  It can also enhance meditation by taking you to the highest spiritual guidance and paths.


Anchors you in the present reality

Carnelian can be used as an anchor to keep you in the present or you can give it to friend to make a permanent friend.  It can be found in this country as well as India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, and Romania.

Carnelian is good for overcoming abuse and negativity and giving a positive outlook for life, helping you to trust yourself and your perceptions.

It stimulates the base and sacral chakras and therefore could increase your fertility and is often a stone used in reflexology.   It can also help to heal lower back problems, rheumatism, neuralgia and depression.

This crystal can work well as a belt especially if it touches the skin.  If you place carnelian near the front door it can invoke protection for the home and invites abundance through the front door.


A high vibration stone

Celestite is a high vibration stone and is classed as having the divine energies as it may be able to take you to an infinite spiritual path and the angelic realms.  It comes from Britain, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya and Madagascar.

 This stone is great for clairvoyant communication, dream recall and journeys out of the body.  It is a beautiful crystal and can help to attract good fortune and purity of the heart.

It is an excellent healing stone in that it can help to dissolve pain and is helpful in treating eyes and ears.  It has a soothing influence on the body by relaxing muscles and the mind.

It is best placed around the throat or in a room to bring the vibrations of energy to higher state but be aware that this stone will fade in the sunlight.


Nurturing stone

Chalcedony is a lovely calming and nurturing stone that promotes good will.  It can absorb negative energy and then lets go of it so that it will not forward to any person.  It comes from United States, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland, Mexico, Britain, New Zealand, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and Morocco.

This stone can bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony.  It can instil feelings of good will and generosity.  If you need extra energy then this is the stone for you and whilst it energises you it will also cleanse the whole body.

This stone needs to be worn next to the skin to get the best effects from the stone.


Stone of transformation

This is a stone of transformation, as it is the soul stone that can help you overcome fear.  It may stimulate your inner vision giving your a more in depth insight to your spirituality.  The main source for this stone is Russia with lovely pink, purples, white and even black all mixed together to make a very lovely crystal.

Charoite cleanses the aura and stimulates unconditional love and can provide deep physical and emotional healing, as it helps you to accept the present moment as being perfect.

Psychologically it balances the negative and positive energies which helps to release deep fears, which is why it is probably so good at relieving stress and worry.

You need to place this crystal as close to the skin as possible. Placed under a pillow a night it may help relieve insomnia and can bring deep sleep.


Powerfully protective stone

Chiastolite is also known as Cross Stone of Andalusite.  It can be found in Chile, Russia and Spain and can be found as brown-grey, rose grey, reddish brown, and olive green.  It always has a distinctive cross in the centre of the stone and is usually found as a small and tumbled stone.

This is a powerfully protective stone and can be used to ward off ill wishes or curses.  It may also be used for creativity and as a gateway for journeys out of the body.

It is also good to use to calm fears and helping you to face reality. It may help you to release old patterns and conditioning from the past.

Healing wise it may help lessen fevers and over acidification when eating and may help to balance the immune system.  It is best worn around the neck.


Tranquil and sustaining stone

This stone is a tranquil stone that may help in difficult situations.  It can be found as a green, blue or turquoise colour or even all three together.  It can be found in Britain, United States, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Zaire and Russia.  

This is a good stone for meditation as it helps you to be at peace with the world.  I find that this stone draws people who would like to live near water especially the sea.  It is a great help when wanting to make changes in your life as it will impart serenity to who holds the stone.

For the chakras it can help to align, cleanse and re-energise all in one go leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace with life.  Once it has aligned the chakras it can then help with reversing destructive and emotional programming from the past.

It treats arthritis, bone and muscle problems, the digestive tract such as ulcers and may re-oxygenate the blood.  It deals with throat area infections and can strengthen the thyroid making it an excellent stone for women.


Induces meditative states

Chrysophrase can also be spelt chrysoprase and comes from United States, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Poland and Tanzania.  You can get some lovely colours throughout this stone of lemons, light and dark greens and is found more often as a tumble stone which is opaque with flecks inside.  This picture has faceted stones which is usually seen in jewellery.

This stone may induce a meditative state so use with care.  It is said from the ancient users that it promotes love of truth.  It can also promote hope and give people an insight to their lives.

It can encourage harmony with businesses or personal relationships.  It is excellent for relaxation and peaceful sleep without nightmares.  When placing it on the sacral chakra it may enhance fertility. 

It is a good stone for gout as it has a detoxifying action and can move heavy metals out of the body and stimulates liver function.


Cinnabar Slice
This stone attracts abundance

This stone can attract abundance and is found as a red, brown-grey or grey rock.  It is usually seen as a cherry red crystal inside a white fluffy matrix, however this picture is one of my stones that we have had in the shop and shows itself slightly different.

This stone may help with your business to give you assertiveness and help in selling.  It can aid your business in that it can help you to prosper by instilling organisational skills.

Cinnabar is good for healing and purifying the blood. It can impart strength and flexibility to the physical body as well as stabilising the weight.

Good tip is to keep in your till or cash box in the left hand corner at the back to help increase your cash flow.


Health, Wealth & Happiness

This stone is so popular especially when it is seen on TV as a lucky symbol for games shows.  However we have had some success locally with the tumble stone where people have bought a small piece and then kept hold of it whilst making out their lottery slip, but no really big wins yet!

Citrine can be found in Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, UNited States and last but not least Great Britain. It is a powerful cleanser and regenerator as it carries the power of the sun, however it will fade if placed in the sunlight.  When holding a piece of citrine you may find it warming and energising and may protect your aura if needed.

This crystal can teach you how to manifest wealth and prosperity but be careful what you wish for!  It is also a great stone for overcoming depression, fears and phobias.  This crystal needs to be worn next to the skin so any type of jewellery is beneficial, using a sphere will help meditation and when placing a piece of citrine in your wealth corner of you home can help your business.  Your wealth corner is the far left hand corner from your front door.


Spiritual stone

Danburite is a spiritual stone with pure vibrations working on the heart energy.  It can link into the angelic realms and sometime although extremely rare can be found with a Buddha inside the crystal.  It is easily obtainable from USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico and Myanmar.

Wearing Danburite provides a link to serenity and eternal wisdom.  If you use it in meditation, it can take you to high state of consciousness for guidance for higher beings.  It is a very powerful healing stone facilitating changes from within and helps to leave the past behind which in turn brings patience and peace of mind.

This is a very spiritual stone that carries a very pure vibration and it works on the heart energy.  You need to wear this crystal to really feel its power of serenity.  It is good for eternal wisdom and meditation and can bring you into a high state consciousness and inner guidance.

It is found in many places across the world and comes in pink, yellow, white and lilac.  I personally find the pink to be the most accessible and brings the most help when wanting changes to take place within your life.  Pink Danburite opens the heart chakra and encourages loving oneself.


Symbol of puritty

Diamonds come from all around the world but especially Africa, Australia and India.  It is said to complete relationships bringing love and clarity with the enhancement of love for each other.  It is an amplifier of energy and never needs recharging.

We don’t keep diamonds in stock however, most people have a wedding or engagement ring that has a diamond in them.  When it is placed with other stones it can amplify them ten fold and helps the power of the other crystal to bring about changes within someone.  It is also useful to hold the diamond with gold and rose quartz to help settle someone with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Motor Neurone Disease.

Diamond treats glaucoma, clears sight, and benefits the brain.  The diamond need to be placed against the skin for the best effect.   At a spiritual level it can clear the aura of anything that might cause a problem to the inner person’s light.


Powerful heart healer

Dioptase is a powerful healer for the heart and heart chakra.  It has a great blue-green colour with sometimes a special sparkle from within the depths.  It can have a dramatic effect on the human energy field.

 It promotes living in the present moment a bit like an agate but this stone will help you access past life memories.  It can be a strong mental cleanser and detoxifier as it releases the need to control others.

It can help to regulate cell disorders and activates T-cells and the thymus.  It can ease high blood pressure along with headaches and migraine.  If given to the patient quick enough it may help a heart attack and can even lesson fatigue and shock.


Stone of inspiration

Emerald is generally a green stone but there is also other colours these days which may or may not have been tampered with.  It comes from India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Egypt, Austria and Ceylon.

 It is known as the stone of successful love and is a stone of inspiration and infinite peace.  Emerald is said to keep a partnership in balance however, it also said that if it changes colour it signals unfaithfulness, which is why we see it as an engagement ring.

Emerald can aid recovery after infectious illnesses and it may treat the sinuses, lungs, heart, spine and muscles. Wearing Emerald for a long time can cause negative emotions.



Highly protective

This is one of the nicest stones that I work with, and for anyone with a skin problem it can calm it down quite quickly.  It can be found in United State, Australia, Germany, Norway, China, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Britain and Madagascar, Madagascar is my favourite as it is such good quality and the pieces we have in the shop all come from there as our supplier hand picks them and they are usually hand polished which makes them feel different.

It is a highly protective stone especially if you are working within the spiritual levels of life.  It can cleanse and stabilise the aura and is extremely effective against electromagnetic stress (computers and phones etc).

When studying or learning something new fluorite can help organise and process information as you are learning it whilst increasing concentration enabling you to absorb the information.


A regenerating stone

Garnet can be many colours but the most popular is red, however you will also find pink, green, orange, yellow, brown and black.  It can be found in all most every country and is usually made into jewellery items rather than rough pieces of rock.

This crystal is a powerful warmer and energising stone, if worn on the body can bring the chakras into alignment.  Long ago it was worn as a talisman because it was said to warn of danger.

If you are placed in danger or somewhere in crisis garnet may help you to find a way out of the situation.  It brings courage and hope into seemly hopeless situations.

If you are being regressed then garnet on the third eye will help to protect you during the regression.  It is always best to wear on the skin to get the full effects of the crystal.



Useful for attunements and meditation

Kyanite is a very useful crystal to help with healing. Found mainly in Brazil in many forms as blades, striated, polished tumblestones and in blue-white, pink, green, yellow, grey and black colours and usually the black is found looking like a ravens wing.

It is excellent if you under going attunements and meditation as it is tranquilizing and an amplifier of high frequency energies.  It can help a person with spiritual development and also aligns the chakras and stabilises biomagnetic field.

It is great to take down swellings within the body and helps the body to heal bones by placing the crystal in line with the bone and allowing the crystal to do its work.  It is also a natural pain reliever and therefore very useful with broken bones and the muscles around them.  This crystal never stops amazing me with its ability to heal.

You need to wear this crystal to really feel its power of serenity.  It is good for eternal wisdom and meditation and can bring you into a high state consciousness and inner guidance.


A highly mystical and protective stone

Labradorite is a very popular crystal due the colours you can find within the crystal.  Ours come from Madagascar but can also be found in Italy, Greenland, Finland, Russia, Canada and Scandinavia.  It comes in all sizes and shapes but usually with one side polished to show itself off.  This iridescent crystal is highly mystical and very much a protective stone.  As it connects to the universal energies it deflects any unwanted energies away from you.

I find that when I wear this stone is makes me invisible so that I can walk into the town without getting stopped every few minutes, but I also find that it gives great protection with a beautiful energy that seems to surround me with love and care.

It forms a barrier to negative energy and can take you into another world whilst having a therapy or meditation.



Radiates love and peace

Larimar is such a lovely stone, both gentle and effective. It radiates love and peace and I find it a very tranquil stone.  Found in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas and is easy to find, but often in small pieces only.  I was really lucky to get the pendant on the left  It is also known as the Dolphin Stone and Blue Pectolite.  

When stroked over the body it can release “entities” that attached themselves onto you, and reduce stress.  I t helps to contact the angelic realms and is possibly an antidote to emotional extremes.

It is a great stone for meditating as it naturally raises your consciousness and vibrations whilst dissolving spurious boundaries that constrain the spiritual self.