Crystal Properties N-Z


Opals can be found in many countries these days, however we mainly think of them from Australia.  The colours are wide and varied and can be found as white, pink, black, beige, blue, yellow, brown, orange, red, green and purple.  Opals can be clear, milky, iridescent, fiery, vitreous but mainly small and polished.  Even though these crystals are easy to find they are very expensive and some people avoid them as they think they are unlucky.

Opal can strengthen a persons will to live, and has been associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism, but at the same time enhancing self worth.  It can really help Parkinson’s Disease because it brings people down to earth by levelling their emotions and understanding your potential.

Opal is a delicate stone with a very fine vibration to this end it enhances cosmic consciousness and includes mystical and psychic visions.  It can make a really good elixir for the eyes, and it encourages you to give out positive vibrations.



Peridot can be found worldwide as an olive green stone but can also be found as yellowish-green, honey, red and brownish in colour. Most green crystals can be found as a clear stone but in some jewellery it can be opaque.  This stone is usually found as small crystals and therefore it is quite rare to find any substantial crystals.

It is believed to keep away evil spirits and release negative old patterns, it can be quite a tonic to the body when given as an elixir.  It can alleviate jealousy, resentment, spite and anger and therefore reducing stress.

It can heal and regenerate tissues which benefits the skin.  It is best worn around the neck area but if you trying to treat disorders of the digestive system then it is better placed on the skin over the stomach area.


Rose Quartz is one of the very well known crystals for love and compassion, but it also my favourite crystal in that it seems to help a lot of people to just be and relax.  A very nice stone to carry around with you to help reduce stress.

It is found in South Africa, USA, Brazil, Japan, India and Madagascar which is where most of ours comes from.  It is easily obtained both in quantity and size.

Placed at your bedside it said to draw your soul mate to you and encourages unconditional love.  It can gently take away negative energy making it one of the finest healers, releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache which is maybe why it helps people to grieve over the loss of a dear one.


Sardonyx is quite an unusual stone in that it can have many colours or just one and has black, brown, blue, red, clear and white colours that can have any mixture with lovely patterns.  It can be found in Brazil, India, Russia and Asia Minor.

Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection and each colour has its own properties, for instance black absorbs negativity and the red stimulates.

It can be supportive within a marriage or partnership whilst attracting friends and good fortune.  It can also prevent crime when placed at windows and doors.

This is a wonderful stone if you wish to stand tall, it can make you straighten the whole of your spine and keeps the chakras in alignment.  It can be found in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, France and England.

This is fine vibrational translucent crystal that can bring clarity of mind and opens the higher chakras.  It can help to access angelic consciousness for guidance.

It is quite useful when gridding a house to create a safe and protective place and to keep outside influences at bay.  A piece placed inside a room will bring a peaceful atmosphere.


This stone is good for meditation, Sodalite is a stone of intuition and can open spiritual connections.  It can be found in North America, France, Brazil, Greenland, Russia, Myanmar and Romania.

 Sodalite is an active stone where is stimulates the pineal gland and the third eye which is why it is such a great meditation stone.

An excellent stone for the mind it can help to eliminate mental confusion as it encourages rational thoughts.  From another angle Sodalite balances the metabolism and can overcome calcium deficiencies.  It is also beneficial for the throat and can cool fevers.


Sunstone is a joyful crystal that can help with depression and low energy.  It feels good to touch and the energy from the sun is so appealing.  It comes from Canada, United States, Norway, Greece and India.

This is a great crystal for “Sad” because it is nice to hold and dispels all feelings of sadness and depression.  Know as the happy stone that affects a person as soon as they hold it.  If life seems drab and not the same as it used to be then sunstone is the stone for you.

This stone is also extremely useful if you wish to get rid of hooks placed by other people that drain your energy.  It is also said that it can aid in stimulating self healing.


Turquoise has been a well valued stone throughout the ages, it has always had a meaning for travellers of all kinds, and I know from person experience it can save lives above material things.  Mostly found in Tibet for its lovely greeny-blue colour but can be found in United States, Egypt, Mexico, China, Iran and Afghanistan (though not much these days because of wars), and Arabia.

Turquoise is a most efficient healer that can provide comfort for the spiritual being within.  It was often used in ancient times in amulets because it was thought to warn of danger of infidelity.

It can dispel negative energy and clear electromagnetic smog in other words it can give you protection from computers and mobile phones.

For healing it can help with the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields by enhancing psychic energies and systems to regenerate tissue and nutrients for the whole body.


Yellow Tiger Eye is just one of the many colours that Tiger Eye can now be found.  It comes from the United States, Mexico, India, Australia and South Africa.  This is a crystal that is great for healing the earth by bringing the sun into the ground.

Tigers eye is a protective stone against ill wishes and curses.  It can useful if you are feeling spaced out or not quite with the regular day and is often used after reiki healing to bring the person back to earth.

Emotionally tiger eye can balance yin and yang issues and restore the energy afterwards.  It is a good stone to restore balance within the brain, yourself and others.  It can support you during the changes and then bring balance with energy rising through the chakras.