Cleaning your crystals

There are many theories on cleaning crystals, here are just a few that I like to use

This is a beautiful cleanser of energy, by placing it in the sun for as long as your intuition feels is correct for that crystal. It may only require a hour others may require a day, trust what you feel. Care should be taken with clearer crystals as they can cause burn marks through the crystal onto where it has been placed – make sure that there is no risk of fire. Crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz and kunzite can fade if left in the sun too long. Sunlight also charges the crystals with Yang or male energy

The moon graces crystals with Yin or female energy – this method requires that you leave them overnight. The most powerful time to do this is either on a full or new moon.

This is a good choice for most crystals as cool tap water rinses off any negative energy. If you hold the crystal with the point downwards (if it has one) you can ask that the water carries away any negativity back to the sea. Please note that some crystals are fragile and are not water friendly and caution is needed.     

Crystal Clusters

Placing your crystals on a large cluster of either amethyst or citrine (like the one above) is a wonderful way of cleansing and charging your crystals. The length of time you need to leave your crystals can be determined by dowsing with a pendulum.

Dried Lavender
This is also a good method because you can reuse the lavender time and again. Just place the crystal in the lavender and dowse for the length of time needed and when you crystal is ready bring it out and you will have a cleansed crystal that also smells divine.

Dry Rice 

This is as good as the Lavender but does not have any smell.  It cleans crystals quickly and easily.